Liang's House

Liang's house is a historical site in Taipei, Taiwan. It is built as a Japanese wood house, which combined with Western strcture, since Taiwan was in the period of Japanese rule in 1933. Liang Shih-Chiu(1903-1987), who was well-known as a educator, writer, literary theorist, have translated the complete works of Shakespeare into Chinese. He has lived in this place from 1952 to 1959 as the school accommodation during the time he worked as a teacher in National Taiwan Normal University. The house collapsed after several typhoons smashing Taipei and the lack of maintenance for a long time. In 2005, Natiional Taiwan Normal University took part in recontruction and complete the conservation in June, 2011.

The huge fruit-bread tree in the front yard has been conserved since the time Liang lived in. As his 70th bithday, he expressed his remembrance of the place in the poem.