Mural in Hamburg

Barca is one of the most bustling, popular sailing bars on the Alster in the heart of Hamburg. This summer(2015) they commissioned Peichi Wu, a young and talented Taiwanese artist, to create a 3 x 2.5 m² mural to breathe new life into the city.

Peichi recently graduated from Camberwell College of Arts with an MA in Illustration. Inspired by her MA project - drawing London, New York and Paris - she has set herself the challenge of drawing 25 countries in five years. In the first year, Peichi visited San Francisco and Venice, where she met Meik Glindemann and where they began to develop the idea for the mural.

Hamburg, Istanbul and Sofia are the chosen cities for the second year’s project. In each, Peichi observes and draws the city while learning its language and meeting its people. She has learnt eight languages so far, which has helped her to better understand the local lives and, when combined with her drawing, to see each city in a different light.

The mural in Hamburg has taken 8 days, over a hundred hours, from start to finish. It also drew the local's attention while Peichi painting the mural. She was interviewed by the German newspaper "Bild" and the press was released on 17th August 2015. I hope you enjoy the artwork! Thank you for your time and attention!

To see the real artwork, visit Barca an der Alster in Hamburg, Germany and grab yourdelf a beer and yummy Hamburger!