Canary Wharf, London

TV Program "Peichi's World of Illustration"

Premier 21:00, 17 June, 2016


Peichi Wu

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Peichi is an award winning illustrator based in Taipei, Taiwan. She graduated from Camberwell College of Arts with an MA in Illustration. Inspired by her MA project - drawing London, New York and Paris - she has set herself the challenge of drawing 25 countries in five years.

In each, Peichi observes and draws the city while learning its language and meeting its people. She has learnt eight languages so far, which has helped her to better understand the local lives and, when combined with her drawing, to see each city in a different light.

Her work explores the cityscape, architecture, and the wild life that deeply connected to her interests. She believes that being an artist can fulfill her passion for creating and traveling, and live a dream life.

Peichi畢業於英國倫敦藝術大學—插畫碩士。2015年獲得龍應台基金會旅外計畫贊助,在德國創作壁畫時,受當地媒體採訪,刊登於Bild Hamburg日報。同年故宮插畫競賽得獎,2016年入圍國際大獎美國3x3 International Illustration Show,2018年入圍英國World Illiustration Awards。她的作品著重於城市、建築與動植物繪畫,全心投入插畫創作。目前為全職插畫家,成立插畫工作室,同時也是線上繪畫課程老師、童書作者。


Awards and Recognition

  • Shortlisted, category: Advertising, Professional, World Illustration Awards, 2018

  • Interview, Hahow好學校, 6 December, 2018(專訪文章

  • Interview, 女子學Share99/香港01(轉載), 14 August 2018 (專訪文章)

  • Honorable Mention, 3x3 International Illustration Show, Annual No.13, 2016

  • TV program "Peichi's World of Illustration" / 「Peichi的插畫世界」電視專訪, 17 June 2016

  • Bronze medal, illustration competition of Taipei National Palace Museum 2015

  • Interview, Newspaper Bild Hamburg, 17 August 2015

  • Winner, youth funded project of Lung Yingtai Cultural Foundation 2015


  • Solo Show, 旅行的翻譯年糕, Oct3-Dec3 2018, Urban Select, Taipei

  • Creative Expo Taiwan 2016, represented by Stunden Agency.

  • Solo show of Screen Print, 2015, For Good Café, Taipei

  • Camberwell MA Graduate Show 2014, London

  • Pomegranate Exhibition, 2014, Brixton East Gallery, London


妞新聞、台北捷運、Teamson Design Corp., 中時集團時藝多媒體、統一超商City Cafe、親子天下出版、高雄歷史博物館、國立臺灣師範大學、台灣家樂福Carrefour Group、桃園機場昇恆昌、新竹稅捐處、Hahow好學校、梁實秋故居、心之芳庭、甘肅泓澤實驗裝備與技術、北京拓普空間科技、DS Borneo Trading Sdn. Bhd.(Malaysia)、Glindeman GmnH(Germany)

E-mail Me

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in my works or would like to commission me. Please send me e-mail to 

Peichi was also represented by Stunden Agency from 2016 to 2018 March.

+886 933 708 753 (Taiwan)
+44 75 26 98 91 28